Kromavis is an Italian based company with subsidiaries in Turkey and Czech Republic. Our core team of paint experts has from 5 to 30 years of background in coating and painting.

Kromavis has developed a specific know-how for the use of nitrogen-enriched air in the painting process. The technology fits any kind of process: pneumatic, electrostatic and rotary bells. Nitrogen directly replaces compressed air and is used as the main source of fluid carrier, nitrogen is produced onsite by our machine. We can optimize your process through the evaluation of standard production parameters and settings reprogramming.

Regardless of the type of application or technology involved, wherever compressed air is used we can optimize the customer’s process. Over the past years Kromavis experts have installed nitrogen technologies for various customers from body shop to automotive companies, applying to different sectors and materials, from wood to plastic, aluminum profiles, leather, etc.

Our products always improve customer’s productivity guaranteeing financial, environmental and time savings. Our customers consistently choose this solution to improve product quality and add value to their offerings.

Be good to the world via innovating environmentally friendly, low cost, high quality painting processes!
Paint Saving

Our system decreases working air pressure up to 40%, due to the high velocity spray pattern of nitrogen as a carrier. This reduces overspray and creates up to 30% savings in paint consumption and warrants a less than 1 year return on investment.

Time Saving

Elimination of waiting time and application time reduction in spray painting, increased line speed and quicker color change in powder coating are just some of the features that guarantee an overall time saving.

Less VOC Emissions

Improved working conditions with cleaner booths, substantial reduction of solvent use (up to 50%), hence VOC emissions, guarantee an environmentally friendly painting process and environmental certificate access.


Removal of surface moisture, reduction of orange peel, painting defects and coating failures, improvement of color matching, total control of delivery and overall increased transfer efficiency


Nitrowise is an innovative spray painting which substitutes compressed air with nitrogen produced on site.

Through production of nitrogen on site, these technologies show improvements, among others, in terms of transfer efficiency, reduction of over spray, reduction of thinner used and of VOC emissions. The implementation of the technology is discreet and the installation quick. Through a connection to the main line compressed air the machine is ready to work. Our latest product monitors the paint process by a spray pattern study carried out directly on site by an instrument and its cloud software. Helping set the correct parameters and detecting possible errors in application it guaranties less scrap parts and application quality control.

It has significant advantages in terms of paint and solvent savings, productivity, quality and respect for the environment. It can be used with any type of paint and it can easily be installed with any kind of existing spray painting system.

Thanks to the better atomization, nitrogen as a fluid carrier allows to paint with lower application pressures (up to 40%), to reduce the overspray in the cabin and to have a better quality of the finish.

Furthermore, as nitrogen is an anhydrous gas, its use allows the elimination of surface moisture and improves adhesion.

Nitrogen, maintained at a constant temperature throughout the year making the process more stable, can also be positively or negatively ionized to improve transfer efficiency and to reduce scrap parts caused by the attraction of particles, dust or fibers onto the surface.


From manual application to the more efficient rotary bells, passing through automatic pneumatic guns, we have installations in many different lines and applications.

We supply to leading automotive manufacturers where quality and high performance are a must.

Savings have been recorded from a minimum of 10% up to 35%, depending on the type of application.

The return on investment is always less than one year.


In all O.E.M. sectors, plastic, glass and metal parts, we are present to give the best possible quality of final products.

In this sector the importance of having high quality is fundamental to be able to both maintain and acquire new customers. We are present in the O.E.M. in more than 30 major automotive suppliers.

Average results of 15% paint saving, increased gloss and improved color matching.


Tests and installations have been carried out for all sorts of plastic producers: from lines for small pieces painting, e.g. buttons and cosmetic caps, to larger surfaces such as bumpers.

Excellent results in terms of savings and quality.

We reduce rebound paint and cleaner working environment.

Installations are carried out on anthropomorphic robots, cartesian systems, lines with fixed guns and cabins with manual guns.

Savings 10-30% depending on the customer's painting process.


With more than 300 installations extensive experience has been gained in the world of liquid painting, from the simplest manual applications in small companies and body shops to the largest multinationals with anthropomorphic systems.

Application pressures decreased on average by 15% and paint savings of 20%.

Better distention, greater coverage of corners and difficult shapes, uniformity of thicknesses and reduction of application time are consistently achieved.


More than 70 companies use our technology, both in cartesian systems and in normal manual painting lines.

Easier laying of products, better coverage of edges and less defects of leaking even on high thicknesses are consistently attained.

The product savings we have achieved are on average 15% and application pressures are decreased by 30%.


In partnership with SprayVision we have analyzed different sprayed patterns (guns and bells using several paints) with different parameters in terms of air/nitrogen pressure and paint flow.

Thanks to the uniformity of the conditioned nitrogen and less turbulence we have noticed a more uniform pattern, both static and dinamic, that allows our customers to improve their transfer efficiency.

Higher Concentration

The conditioned nitrogen can concentrate more the paint in the active area of the pattern and this helps to standardize the application.

Higher Thicknesses

Generally, using conditioned nitrogen as a carrier, with the same paint flow, we achieve higher thicknesses.

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